Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day

heart drops
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- mr ebb came home last night (he's been in dubai for the last week)
- i went for a run this morning (by myself to clear my head - i always feel a bit cluttered when mr ebb comes back home after a business trip so i need time to re-group)
- the wee guy woke up to find a miniature red rose bush and a valentine's card at the end of his bed - his face was a picture, so chuffed!
- i did some housework (boo)
- the wee guy found out that i love having my hair brushed and he's quite good at doing it (over and over again!)
- we had heart-shaped cookies for dinner
- i love my boys

Happy Valentine's Day
(mr ebb got me a new camera in duty free - but don't expect miracles in the photography of shiny things)

heart drop earrings - pierced hearts on sterling silver squares, sterling silver earwires


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