Saturday, December 06, 2008

to enable artisans to make a living from their craft?

I'm totally amazed at the delusional hallucination that this chap is obviously suffering, Etsy is not facilitating artisans making a living from their work! Etsy is encouraging rock bottom pricing, contributing to the myth of handmade being on par with cheap and moreover is shoehorning sellers into frequent re-listing to stay on top of an inadequate search function. I nearly fell off my chair at the global marketplace analogies having witnessed the struggle to get Etsy to denote all prices are in USD (rather than the ten or more non US-dollar currencies around the world) and been completely gobsmacked at an employee recommending priority worldwide shipping for late purchases from Canadian sellers as an answer (see comments here) to the late timing of promotional efforts onsite (FWIW priority mailing costs more than 6 times the $15 price of an average item on Etsy). Let's not even touch the inability to comprehend different time zones outside of Brooklyn.

In addition, this incredible community visualised is not materialising because it is not being fostered.


Keep taking the happy tablets!

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