Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ebb shredding

ebb shredding
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oh geez how i hate that term, it makes me feel old and un-rad and v un-gnarly cos i don't go with the lingo (backside 880 aubergine twist front grab anyone?).

but this is me on my snowboarding carving down Whisky Jacks at Silver Star. we spent the morning playing around off the Comet Chair where the snow was fresh and the sun warm (only a balmy -24C today folks!).

..... and the faint squeaking noise in the background is either the Comet chair lift or mr ebb's brain, not my knees!

For a quick peek inside my head, this is what I think I'm doing when I'm riding

STOP PRESS results just in ...
Today's extremely low crotch competition was won by the young dude coming off the Comet Chair in the yellow pants, with the waist band slung nonchalantly mid thigh and crotch at knee level. Darling undies dearie - were you by any chance the young buck who was mooning everyone in the bakery yesterday evening with the sub-hipster designer jeans over jet black thermal long johns? Fashion note - low slung never looks good on stick thin BTW, there isn't enough meat to carry it off KWIM?
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