Friday, September 05, 2008

sunset and moon

sunset and moon, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

This one turned out rather well from last night's photographic exploits (!). Not too much handshake and the manual adjustments on the camera have made the colours really zing.

Not much happening blog-wise right now. It's the end of the summer hols and the wee guy is in the middle of gradual entry to kindergarten. He loves it but the whole thing is driving me nuts. Day was half and hour at school, then it's been an hour daily so far. I arrive back home and have to leave to pick him up again almost immediately. My brain is most definitely porridge by now.

.... and as for crafting - nada! I have no time. Though I did manage to guest curate an Etsy Finds on slippers which was interesting to do. Had great fun liaising with Anda who invited me to submit my ideas after my little rant about the commercial slippers listed in the Storque a week or so previously. She also did a great editing job and managed to make me seem semi-literate and not quite as much a porridge-brain.

ahhhhhhh - am so looking forward to fulltime school, after school care and pre-school activities starting. I really miss my mental faculties after the last 6 or so years!

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