Tuesday, September 16, 2008

oh to commute ......

This morning (Saturday - I'm late blogging this one) I am commuting (so just shut your eyes and drift back to the weekend) to an info session about some writing/editing/publishing certificate programs I'm interested in taking as career developement steps for when The Wee Guy goes to school fulltime ...... and I realise I actually miss commuting!
I'm not talking about the tedious length of the journey or the encounters with the great unwashed (people or transit) but the separation that exists between home and place of work. It's one of my biggest bugbears that as a SAHM I am never truly off or away from work - it surrounds me 24/7 with no remission. My only partial respite is if we go away for a holiday and even then the childcare and meal-planning parts of my job description continue.
With any length of commute between home and workplace there is an opportunity for contemplation and mental preparation for what lies ahead. A commuter can "rev up" to meet a challenging job or enter "relax mode" during the journey.
While I appreciate that many mums who have paid employment outside the home (and indeed women in general, depending on how much help their partners contribute to running the household) may not have the degree of separation I wistfully describe, they do have what many of us SAHMs do not - a physical demarcation of duties.
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