Monday, September 29, 2008

copper and fused glass in Fall colours

Almost finished!
I set the fused glass cabs into the fine silver bezels last night and soldered the posts onto the backs of the fused silver and copper squares. The posts need a good polish before assembling and tumbling.

I'm really pleased with the way the glass lights up with the copper.

This was my first project from my evening class in jewelry making which has started again. This term it's more of an open workshop format so I'm trying to max out my studio time by preparing new projects to take along. embryonic cufflinks Next on the list is a pair of fused glass cufflinks. I've prepared the bezels for soldering and cut the sterling discs for setting them on. Hopefully I'll get all the soldering done on Tuesday - I can cut and polish at home!

chunky copper ring My final project is a huge chunky copper ring. Last night I filed and made the cut down on the ring part and prepared the bezel for soldering. All my projects so far have used fused glass cabs from - it's exciting to be using them in metalworking instead of wiring this year.

... and watch out for pics of the finished articles and where they are listed!

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