Tuesday, September 23, 2008

not really that impressed

Humph! I'm not awfully impressed with the abrupt end of summer this year. Although it's sunning heavily outside this afternoon, delivering The Wee Guy to his morning activity required both a jacket and a scarf before venturing out of the house.

Fall is, I know, inevitable but I wish that this year we could have had the same gradual entry system which accompanied my son's immersion into academia.

For example, one day I am pratting about in capris and strappy vest tops, and the next I'm reaching for the umbrella and starting to look like michelin man.

Not fair!

I would like a gradual introduction to dressing in layers for inclement weather. I would like to transition between seasonal wardrobes seamlessly, with a minimum of "cripes! what shall i wear?" panic moments in the morning. Ideally, continuing with summer dressing with a hint of Fall layering would be ideal and not having to immediately dig out a winter jacket from squished storage.
... but all is not lost! I finished a neck wrap for myself yesterday so I suppose I'm itching for a chance to wear it!
above: soft green neck wrap
in bamboo and cotton
with crocheted wire and glass button


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