Friday, January 18, 2008

SPT Thursday 17th January 2008 - the cupcake edition

we made gluten-free cupcakes yesterday then photographed the results for SPT
then i slunk off to the spa for a hot stone massage
i like being on holiday

Translation Notes:
* we = the wee guy was pretty pleased with his contribution to the whole process, viz a brief stir of the mix and running screaming from the kitchen shouting that the mixer is "too loud"
* gluten-free = no wheat, oats or barley flour so that nana, who is gluten-intolerant, could eat them
* SPT = self portrait Thursday where Etsy sellers and buyers take photos of themselves and upload them to this Flickr group
* hot stone massage = yummy massage using heated smooth stones and lots of massage oil
* spa = The Crescent at 76 High Street in Aberdour (01383 860842) - highly recommended!!!
* on holiday = not doing housework or cooking

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