Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm in Scotland, in the bosom of my family, for Hogmanay this year. I'm amazed at how dark it stays but then I guess I'm closer to the Arctic Circle here. It requires a super human effort to get out of the house and get some daylight.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve me, the wee guy and The Man went for a walk along the castle terrace and thru the gardens to see the church I used to attend as a little girl. It's amazing how much smaller everything seems to be now!. The church was all dolled up for Christmas, including that very pagan of symbols - a christmas tree.

We continued on from the church to see my old primary school and then on to the harbour to watch the boats bobbing, and look across to Edinburgh.

Midnight found us whooping it up with a glass of damson gin, having decided wisely not to set foot outdoors in the rain to watch for the fireworks in the capital across the river. We did what about 76% of Scots do and saw the New Year in from the comfort of our own sofa with the TV on (sadly no Rev I.M. Jolly this year!)

Aberdour - looking west along the castle terrace (click the pic to see more photos from my scottish trip)


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