Thursday, January 10, 2008

front page times 2 (bragging post)

....well, so far this year I've been on the front page of Etsy twice (not bad for a bad girrrrrrrrrl).

Last week it was the seaglass cufflinks in a treasury list by starwillowstudio who makes amazing jewelry and hair clips out of vintage finds. I completely missed seeing them on the front page but big thanks to lil' sis for taking the screenshot!

This week,
cindyg's achingly beautiful seafoam list hit the front page. Cindy always pulls together stunning treasuries and her shop, as would be imagined, is full of some awesome collage work. Again I missed seeing it and would have remained clueless (!) if my friend and designer of my christmas earrings msbelle hadn't convo'd me! Thanks!

Anyway, it wasn't just me that was pleased to see the
submersion pendant featured. I got an excited convo from shoozles who made the gorgeous glass cab that the piece is centred around. The pendant also gathered about 82 hearts and over a thousand views!!

.... and it still isn't the middle of January yet! Thanks for a great start to the year.
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