Monday, September 17, 2007



I've got a slot on Etsy's showcase running today.

Hmmm ... as you may know I'm not a great fan of Showcase. For the same price you can relist/list an item every day for a month and gain that much more exposure.

So why the Showcase slot?

Well, at long bl**dy last it's my prize for having a winning entry in a beading challenge Etsy agreed to sponsor back in April. Since then no prizes have arrived for me or the other winner, despite them having been 'sent' twice. And this Showcase slot only arrived after some ear-bending by the organiser.

constellations beaded wire evening purse


Odd that a venue for online retailing can't ship something out themselves???

PS: sold nothing, nada, zilch all day - thus my opinion of Showcase is unchanged (and now you can buy one on The Stropue too! Huzza!

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