Friday, September 07, 2007

portable crafting

I confess .... I am a truly bad mother. I am completely unable to sit still and watch/coo/monitor my wee guy's play activities without having something for ME to do in my hands.

I am also a hopeless bookaholic, shutting out the outside world the moment the pages fall open.

So I cannot read while the wee guy is playing, unless it is in a strictly controlled and safe environment.
..... but I can craft! While my fingers fly thru some project or other, my attention can be more or less focussed on keeping him out of trouble. And that's where portable crafting comes in.

Above are my current and future portable crafting projects. The blue project will be packed into the felted pouch with the tools ready for a day out and about. The pink project is all set to go in its own ziplock.

OK it's a bit contrived and incredibly orderly but with a busy pre-schooler, it's best to be well prepared.

So I spent my day off yesterday (the first one since July!!!), after finishingoff the household and misc. admin (bleh), setting up some new projects and bagging them to go.

I now have enough fibre and metal projects to last into next week - yay!!

... but I still haven't got down to sorting out my new drill and flexshaft in the garage! Grrr!
Hmmm ... portable drilling ....?????


Rebecca said...

Portable drilling doesn't sound toddler friendly. :-) I am SO glad mine are all grown up.

ebbandflo said...

I am soooo paying for being an older mum! It's only now I really know what makes me happy in life .... and suddenly I have a constant companion who only wants drop-in play places and chicken nuggets! Hopefully I can show him that being happy in what you do is important, rather than conforming to societal norms (with a pinch of good sense thrown in).

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