Sunday, September 16, 2007

.... and it's all mine!

So after much humming and hawwing I finally got the courage up to search for a domain name I've been interested in for a while. I went through GoDaddy, as per Etsy forum recommendations, and set up my account.
Then I hit Search (which luckily works a bit better than the one on That Site) and covered my eyes. When I eventually peeked, lo and behold, my preferred domain name was still available.
The buy and register process was relatively straight forward (hint: check out the free package before you embark on this process otherwise you might end up clicking more boxes than neccessary), and payment thru PayPal is possible!
So I clicked and bought!
But then comes the delay ...... it can take up to 8 hours a for a dot com to be registered. I went to bed and slept (dreaming of web domination .....).
So this morning I bounced out of bed straight to the computer - and there was my little domain all bright and perky, parked by GoDaddy until I decided what to do with it. So this morning I've tinkered. I have privacy (which means I cannot be tracked down so easily) and forwarding set up so far. This afternoon I'll try set up my email (yay!), masking and see what other toys are available.
...... oh, and hover the mouse over here to see what I bought!
PS: amber nuggets above set up for listing asap (not sure if it will be Etsy or ecrater yet, or both)
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