Wednesday, September 19, 2007

efficiency mama

rainforest side
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Preschool started again this week. Yay!!!!

It's been a loooooong summer although the weather didn't reciprocate much at all. There was no preschool or daycare so the wee guy was shuttled between sports and adventure camps for August.

That was hard work. In summary, a maximum of 90 minutes child-free time per day to survive on ............ we came to verbal blows and mummy had to do time out.

But now preschool is back and daycare started last week , and amazingly I've found a fresh burst of time management and efficiency (we'll see how long this one lasts!! ho ho). For example, during his first preschool class I made a loaf of bread, did one load of laundry (how I love labour-saving devices that allow you to say you are performing the task when actually all you have done is load up the machine and pressed the button), took some product shots (see above) and did the editing, printed notes and did some meeting prep for a continuing ed seminar, edited my Etsy showcase (waste of bl**dy time as usual), responded to and set up a flickr challenge (see here for details), listed a few new items on Etsy and uploaded pics to flickr.

Whew! All in 90 minutes.

... and spent the rest of the day either entertaining the wee man at Science World
or in the continuing ed meeting.

I am superwoman!

Photo Notes:
rainforest : - temperate, not tropical. mossy, not glossy. damp

hand dyed English top wool, fibre, wire, glass, freshwater pearl, charms

flotsam brooches are mixed media pieces using recycled/upcycled materials from my handcrafting exploits, outside sources and found objects.
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