Tuesday, May 31, 2011


glimpse, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

(As you might have noticed but I'm not holding it against you if you didn't) May petered out midway with a "glimpse" so I might as well finish the month with another one.
I bowed out of blogging, social media, online life for two weeks for the same reasons I usually shift into hermit-gear. I've also had to put up with a creative block which stopped me from managing anything. And, apart from homework, I truly have not had any other deadlines or projects to keep me going, distracted, sustained, bolstered, sane. c'est la vie
Hmm - so I now know I need busy-ness. I also know I can generate it (in spades) ... but this month I was trying to find out if I could get by with a relatively empty plate. #fail
Did I mention the creative block?
It's not even sunny much these days (or it hadn't been until an hour after I started typing!)
I could have made it if I'd just felt like creating something, but I didn't have any sparks. That is until I peeked thru the blinds a few mornings ago. Still a monochromatic world out there but such a fascinating stripe of potential don't you think? A hint of the bigger, brighter world might be like. A sparkling glimpse out of cloudy anaesthesia perhaps. I like that the view is compressed down into a narrow stripline, nothing threatening or overwhelming to begin with. Just a taster.
I think I could work with that ...


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