Friday, March 05, 2010

friday forte: a bit of a setback?

OK so this week could be seen in some ways a heck of a setback for my plans for world domination a meaningful existence as a SAHM. This week I voluntarily gave up my only afternoon of after school care.
There - I said it!
Luckily I don't need to rely on having the time childfree (heck, it's not as if I'm doing anything important!!!!) so there's no angst involved in placating employers or speed-dating a whole bunch of other child care providers ...... but it still ... hurts.
So why did I do it?
Well, check out the Wee Guy on the right above. He's the reason. He just wasn't happy. There was a personality clash which brought out his worst (and oh boy, he has some personality for a wee guy) and was making him lose confidence in his won abilities. There were some childcare issues I wasn't comfortable with (like bleaching the toilets before all the kids had left for the day, meaning they were then denied access to the loo; tidying all the toys away before all the kids had left, and a few other iffy-to-me decisions) which were causing the Wee Guy some frustrations. He was coming home at the end of the day demoralised and depressed. Last week was a last straw issue so I gave our notice, checked in with the Wee Guy (who said he didn't want to go back) and pulled him out.
Somehow my needs pale into insignificance when compared with this stoic little future citizen-in-waiting I'm guiding into the world.
I am so grateful that I do indeed have the luxury of not having to compromise his well-being.

PS: I did get banged-up this week, it looks a bit curly right now cos we "went wild" with the hot irons - I'll post straighter pics after the first wash and style (but I think you'll like it!) /end of vanity moment


Anonymous said...

If you're not confident in childcare, it's very hard to get much productive work done anyhow, in my experience. You're just too anxious about what's going on with your kid.

And I love the hot roller look!

pomomama said...

Yes, it's impossible to concentrate when you're worrying about his every move. Another mum friend has dismissed her live-in nanny because of these concerns. She's now juggling some part-time help along with working early in the morning, and I guess in the evening too, at home. I am lucky in that whatever I do plan will start out around the family from the very beginning.

Bex said...

I heard from M&P about your daycare problems for the wee guy. So sorry to hear that. But it sounds like you've done the right thing - for both of you. As Amber says, you wouldn't be able to concentrate if you were worrying about him.

And as for the new look, it looks fab - can't wait to see a full frontal shot!!

pomomama said...

Thanks, it's definitely the right thing for the Wee guy. He was so happy on Wednesday morning when he realised there was no more after school care.

As for the full frontal of me - I really don't think the internet could handle it!! ;)

msbelle said...

Good decision. Doing it now before it got any worse was indeed a good decision. He'll be so much better off and so will you. :)

pomomama said...

It was most definitely a good decision - his behaviour and confidence levels have improved in leaps and bounds. It's opened up another afternoon for playdates/activities too and I've managed to do some trade offs in childcare to get some "productive" time out of it all.

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