Tuesday, March 02, 2010

... and the winners are


From our downtown olympic adventure, please offer up your applause for the medals.

  • most unexpected moment of the day: close tie between the much shorter queue for the Vancouver Art Gallery (V.A.G.) after lunch, and the walk right up to view the olympic cauldron thru the security fence (wow!)
  • most BC moment of the day: viewing the Kevin Schmidt video installation at V.A.G. playing Stairway to Heaven on a generator-powered guitar and am combo during sunset on Long Beach (so BC)
  • most touristy moment: being photographed with the olympic torch in the Bell Canada igloo
  • most emotional moment: watching the Wee Guy get his hug from Sumi, one of the olympic mascots, at last!
  • most wtf? moment: watching parents letting their kids chase after and stamp at the pigeons in Kidspace on Granville Island (shame on you, parents! do you let them beat up smaller kids too and sit back doing nothing? great way to breed psychopaths)
  • most kid-friendly moment: traveling on the Canada Line to collect the Olympic streetcar to Granville Island (we both loved that journey)
.. and thus concludeth our olympic adventure.
Thank you for reading.


    Bex said...

    Looks like it was great fun. I'm green with envy.

    pomomama said...

    it was an incredible day out (and the bestest part - wee guy behaved himself for the entire outing!!!!!)

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