Wednesday, March 04, 2009

i was tagged!

Yes, I was tagged - by Crystal of kizzdesigns so I now have to ramble on about some random ramblings about me.
  1. Baking is a stress-buster for me. I enjoy big batch cooking and then storing away the provisions in the freezer for more time-starved moments.
  2. My dog, Toby (see above), was left for me to euthanase one night at work. No one could give me a solid reason why such a sweet-tempered dog should warrant the death sentence except that his owners had got tired of him. I took him home. He lived with me for almost 15 years, and even emigrated to Canada with me. Sadly he was eventually put to sleep at the ripe old age of 15 due to failing health. I still miss him and his friend, Mauz, a lot.
  3. I used to be able to dance en pointe.
  4. At university, my favourite drinks were a white russian (with lemonade, not milk) or creme de menthe (!)
  5. I was a goth once upon a time.
OK - the rules say that I have to tag another six people but I'm sure my online friends will breathe a hearty sigh of relief if I just let it lie here!
Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

I love eating, so if you ever need someone to help you consume your baked goods, this could be a match made in heaven. I also love Toby. How CUTE is he??? Fun facts :)

pomomama said...

What a great idea!
Toby was also a wonderful partner in the kitchen. Strangely my floor never needed a clean after baking when he was around (but several cakes vanished along with half a pound of butter once).

Anonymous said...

My sister had pointe shoes. I found them alternatively fascinating and terrifying. As for me, I was never really cut out to be a dancer en pointe or otherwise.

Unknown said... kids would like me to do much a part of our lives. Ballet. I danced for about 12 years when I was young..
Great to know more things about you Amanda.
Thanx Crystal from KIZZ

pomomama said...

I spent a lot more time darning the damn things than dancing in them I must admit. They fascinated me too Amber!
... and Crystal - thanks for the tag (skiing next year, Big White??)

Beth - IndieNorth said... had me fascinated until I got to the "white russian with lemonade" part...I can't wrap my head around it! lol

Thanks for this peek into your life! Your doggie was a beautiful guy!

pomomama said...

thanks Beth, he was a special guy!
and white russian the way i used to drink them - vodka, creme d cacao and lemonade (UK lemondae is similar to 7-Up)

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