Sunday, March 26, 2017

where next?

on the move yet again
Where next - why London of course! Final leg of the Spring Break Tour 2017.

... and since we had some time to spare with our early arrival, we checked out both the British Library and the British Museum (open late on Fridays) on two whistlestop fly bys.

collecting lions as we go: this one is nebuchadnezzar's
Very whistle stop - short attention spans and whatnot.
But we 'got' the general atmosphere.

chessmen ahoy! prepare to be captured

And we saw the Lewis chessmen 'in the flesh' so to speak.
Mission accomplished :)

The Details
Have I mentioned how very much in love I am right now with Google Maps? (and btw, here's a link to the location sharing feature coming soon: As a smartphone app, it has almost completely taken over from guidebooks. It was great for navigating in Venice and is now proving ideal for route finding in London.
How did I ever manage before?
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