Saturday, March 11, 2017

out and about home and away

sunshine, in march, in scotland ... #endofdays

(subtitle: a real blog post)
We're on holiday.
To clarify, the 'we' is myself and the Wee Guy, and 'on holiday' means back in the UK visiting family.

So far, we've kicked jetlag (ok not quite but this time has been brutal), missed the off peak train travel back from Edinburgh and spent dinner time in the city, walked along the harbour, walked the dog, and walked round Edinburgh.

We've caught up with family, friends, old haunts and coffee.
We've caught sun and grey days.
We're missing home but having enough fun to not miss it too badly.

The Details (in case you were wondering)
  • Flight from Vancouver to Edinburgh via Heathrow.
  • Use free airport wifi to Skype grandparents to let them know of our arrival and when to expect us. (Turn off all data, roaming etc. to avoid a nasty shock on return home).
  • Test Canadian bank card in UK ATM - success!
  • Airport shuttle into Fife.
  • SIM cards from - If you have a UK delivery address, send off in advance for a free pay-as-you-go SIM then pick up a top-up voucher at WH Smith or similar. Credit card top ups do not work unless you have a UK billing address :( Once topped up, convert your top up into an Add On that will last for 30 days for additional value. 
all sunny at the end of the harbour
Day One (Thursday)
lenses from lighthouse in museum main hall
  • Ugh jetlag migraine ... glorious sunshine not helping (scotland ... march ... sunshine ... wtf?)
  • Slow walking with dog ... left behind by grandparents going longer route (oh the shame)...
  • Pooh sticks from the bridge ... realise parenting failure as Wee Guy thinks nana is actually going to make him handle poo sticks ... 
  • Fail to obtain pre-booked rail tickets from station ticket machine a too jetlagged/post-migrainish to remember which credit card ... increase anxiety in Wee Guy who now does not believe he is under care of competent adult ...
  • Afternoon nap ... unconscious for several hours ... Wee Guy discovers Doctor Who on Netflix again ... holiday plans now sorted!
the Writers Museum: free entry and worth it to see
inside this amazing building

Day Two (Friday)
  • Ticket success requires insertion of most of my credit cards into machine.
  • Train travel bucket list item checked
  • Yo Sushi! lunch bucket list level achieved
  • Brief arting stop at National Gallery to giggle at books, then onwards via Writers Museum and Royal Mile to National Museum on Chambers Street to catch up with soon-to-be Dr. Ryan for tea and cakes (and museums)
  • bounce down the marble Scotsman Steps
  • Off peak hours pah! Dinner in town. Bonus: seeing Edinburgh all lit up

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