Monday, March 13, 2017

out and about making a splash

lifeboat ahoy, but no whale ...

So far ... family, friends, beaches and whales ...
Family - check
Friends - check
Beaches - check
Whale - so far unseen, even though we were in the right area :(

Day Three (Saturday)
Day three was family and friends day, catching up with an aunt, an uncle, a neighbour and a childhood friend. Also, catching up on bits and pieces of work that travel with me. Wee Guy went to hang out with a local friend and also learn that 'tea' means dinner over here.

Day Four (Sunday)
This morning we travelled along the coast to Kinghorn, to visit the lifeboat station. This charming little seaside village fields three full inshore lifeboat crews out of a population of 2,930. All boat crew must live within the village, and must not leave it while on call unless they arrange cover.
We saw the boat returning from a practice run, when the tractor unit picked it up on the trolley by driving into the waves. Then we chatted with crew and other volunteers (yes, the crew are volunteers too - they don't get paid for training or for going out on rescues).
... they're recruiting too, but I think the Wee Guy is a little young.
Kinghorn seaside

Later, we made our re-acquaintance  with the local castle, another beach, took two busy terriers for a walk, and resumed a conversation that was started a year ago while shrugging off a few more grams of jet lag. Happy travels :)

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