Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Weekends are for family ... and catching up on the workload hours that somehow slip by during the week.

This has been my first year of almost full-time employment/self employment. It's been amazing but at the same time, tiring. Right now, I am fully fed up with having to track every single minute and hour to make sure I'm doing something "productive". It is exhausting and I'm feeling quite burned out by it all.

There are enough hours in the week for me to fulfil my contract commitments. However, add this to my domestic hours and parenting hours and volunteer hours, and it gets a little crazy. Once again I'm at the limit and this time I cannot see what more I can cut out of my life.

OK I could cut back on the paid work, but after all I've worked for this just doesn't seem sensible. Also, I'm enjoying it - it's different, valued, makes my brain spin the cogs, it makes a difference ...
I could cut back on the domestic stuff ... but who would do it instead? The stuff just doesn't magically disappear. I may just have to make it so that there is less domestic stuff to do - maybe laundry could be a personal responsibility, fewer meals cooked, fewer domestic arrangements made, operate the house more as a roomshare with individual responsibilities?

We also need more house renovations, domestic management and ongoing facilities maintenance - it's not enough to live in a place, it also has to be a home at least to me.

Since last year's moving project management, I've been doing less of the domestic facilitation anyway and nothing serious has happened - it's just that less now happens because I'm not making it happen in the first place. With me?

I'm not about to cut back on the parenting hours, though after school activities do take care of a major amount of time these days :)

And I cannot afford to cut back on looking after myself. I desperately need the exercise, friends, relationship and creative time.
Looking after myself with exercise, creative projects, keeping up with friends, and so on has once again slipped by me this year. I've had a once-a-week art class as my only enforced creative time. Friends - pfft! there has been precious little time for them. Exercise - again, no time. Work, domestic and parenting has been all consuming.

I'm not sure how, but this all has to change in 2016.

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