Thursday, October 29, 2015

spt29oct15: dog as mindreader

He's pretty good at picking up on moods, emotions and so on, but right now I'm glad that he can't read my mind.
On Monday, Rosco is heading to the vets to have his left front leg amputated. The lump and the lameness have resolved radiographically into tumor - osteosarcoma most likely.
While I'm pretty much devastated, sweet Rosco is oblivious. The meds are holding the pain at bay as his left elbow slowly explodes - if we leave it much longer the pain will be too much or the bone will shatter.
I'm told that Tripawds do pretty well but I still think this sucks. Dog as mindreader knows that I'm worried about something and is looking after me. His turn coming soon.
Please send miracles.
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