Thursday, October 15, 2015

spt 15oct15: keeping myself in the picture

still life with dog

This month, I'm taking part in inktober - a daily ink sketch project that I'm playing along with on Instagram. It's an inspiring hashtag to take part in - lots of encouragement and inspiration, though the "pressure" of producing an inked piece every day can be a bit overwhelming. It's difficult to know what to draw.
So this year I thought I might try inking up some of my social media postings, looking through Instagram for self portraits from my spt (self portrait thursday) posts.
Hmmm - I haven't taken many recently.
I don't seem to be taking that weekly snapshot and telling all about what's going on in my head.
Why not? I have no idea.
There is still a lot of stuff going on in my head.
Did you miss me?
Or maybe I should post more pics of Rosco ... what do you think?
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