Thursday, June 19, 2014

spt 19jun14: polish

Not strictly self portraits, but I'm there in his face and in the glass as we wait for bagels.
Today - I guess day 4 of The Strike. We came to Vancouver and had lunch on Granville Island. The Wee Guy has been awesome during his early unofficial summer holidays - we have nothing planned to keep him entertained and I still have work coming in to deal with. It's being tucked into odd hours and he's being tucked into odd hours too.
There's been a lot of Minecraft.
There's one frazzled mum.
(Did I mention that the house is up for sale too?)
In some ways this reminds of him and me together before he started school days (without the Minecraft). I was constantly The Parent and we moved as one. We had a lot of fun, but I remember wondering when I got a break from being the mum and instead had fun being the wife, or the woman, or employed or whatever - anything other than the parent. It was very intense.
Note to self: for summer sanity, keep taking the breaks.
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