Thursday, June 05, 2014

self-portrait thursday: chucking balls

OK. I'm a little less bitter than at the start of the week. Got that out of my system. Let's move on.

Today was day two of teacher strikes in our area of the province. The wee guy won the lottery and got a day at out-of-school care. I spent the day wisely, catching up with writing projects and domestic tasks. The house is up for sale so the domestic tasks are in must-do mode rather than whenever.

It's quite a relief to get the selling process underway at last. We've been feeling antsy ever since coming back from Venice, even pondering a move back to Europe. We looked at shoeboxes we could afford in Vancouver and then went to some open house viewings near where are right now. We're staying in the neighbourhood.

It seemed to take an age to start the house sale process. I insisted on decluttering; mr ebb kept hoping for That Perfect Vancouver Mansion (at the right price). The wee Guy hung in there with his crazy parents. Grizz got worried.We now have a very clean and minimally furnished house.

It is a relief to make the decision and get things moving, so to speak.
Now we just need to sell.
And find somewhere to live.
How's your summer looking?
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