Friday, June 20, 2014

friday forte: shocked

happy father's day

My first thought when I saw this photo was, OMG who is that woman eep! it's me - I look totally hot!
Then I thought, don't be silly.
Then I took another peek, and yes - with the flirty look and the (ahem, morethan) hint of cleavage- definitely sexy.
It was a bit of a shock - sexy is apparently not something I do these days.
It doesn't figure in my day-to-day and, in common I suppose with a lot of midlife mums with an eleven year old boy farting/tearing around the house, hasn't for a long time.
So seeing this pic was a real throw-back to college years - the last time apparently that I did sexy pretty well (with lashings of black eyeliner, tight black clothing and hairspray). Once the shock died down, it was sort of gratifying to see that my recently improved self-care regime is having some result - all that time applying extra body lotion has been well spent. I took a look in the mirror a few weeks ago and realised with horror how much I'd let things slide. Cue the moisturisers!
mr ebb, bless him, has never been particularly fussed about the visuals one way or another, so there'd been no hints from him about letting myself go. In some ways it's quite a blessing not to have to be high maintenance with lacey frou-frou, svelte bunnygirl figure,immaculate make up and so on, but on the other hand, the lack of any feedback or effect is quite disconcerting ... especially growing older I find. Reassurance is good.
Until I saw the photo, I had completely forgotten that I can do sexy.
Cue Justin Timberlake, perhaps.

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