Saturday, March 29, 2014

friday forte: heel boy!

Black dog campaign in Edinburgh- bringing mental health problems out in the open. No more stigma

One of the best things I ever did was ignore people who told me to stop talking. I was accused of whining online, and I ignored the not-so-subtle suggestion to shut up. Talking, writing, sharing is what got me through a long voyage of self discovery and into my current sheltered harbour.
With sharing how I was feeling -and believe me I didn't share everything, not even half of what I was accused of - I discovered that it wasn't just me and I wasn't alone. There was a whole community out there online and in real life, who were either at the start of or in the middle of or were sheltering in their own harbour before the next voyage. And they were there to help, we were there to help each other.

Seeing the street art above reminds me that not everyone is so lucky. Some bow to the pressure to shut up and never find a community of navigators to help them set sail through the storms. Others keep silent for years till it's almost too late. Some don't know how to start the conversation.

If you've never seen it, try watching the Black Dog video to understand what it means be depressed, to perhaps give you the words to tell your tale, and if you're of the "oh shut up about it" inclination then maybe you'll learn something.

The black dog above is part of SANE's campaign to reduce the stigma of mental health issues and open the dialogue. Using the black dog created by artist Matthew Johnstone to explain his own experience with shutting up about depression, the campaign runs UK-wide to work on issues including research, support and improving access to treatment.

There's even a virtual black dog that recognises the value of online support and community.
Some people are smart that way!
Bon voyage :)
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