Monday, March 03, 2014

midlife monday: could be another meme on the go?

I've mentioned my rotational symmetry angst previously, in that eggs must inhabit their egg box exhibiting an exacting array of rotational or reflexive patterning or .... or what?
What exactly will happen if my eggs are asymmetric?
Well ... nothing.
In the five years since I first 'fessed up to having an unusual obsession with boxed egg display, a. several other people admitted the same, and b. I cannot correlate good or bad happenings with the internal state of my egg box.
Shit happens regardless.
So this morning's egg was selected, after the usual moment pondering how to disturb the arrangement the least, consumed and the egg box returne to the fridge. The day progressed unremarkably despite the symmetry Armageddon abandoned to the dark.
The day was no better, no worse than others.
Life went on.
But I did capture the moment on Instagram.
Another midlife meme to go along with The Daily Pussy perhaps?
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