Tuesday, June 04, 2013

oh my and some salty chocolate chunk goodness

tunnel of grub

Oh my! I may be late to the party but I've discovered my favourite delicious and beautifully laid out magazine, Edible Vancouver, is available online. I'm only just recovering from the shock of finding that I can get my hands on copies of it for free, locally, and now the digital edition beckons.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the loooooooong list of distributors and I'm sure you'll find a local pusher. Although the digital edition is pretty smart I really do advise getting your hands on an actual physical copy - you will be severely turned on to its sexy layout and food porn. The food photography is mouth-watering and the paper quality divine - smooth but with enough tooth to flirt with the fingertips, not too matte and equally, not glossy. It screams high quality from every page.
And it's free - how?

Anyway, I mentioned maybe posting some recipes yesterday.
An all-in-one lamb hotpot and something sweet.
Well, the lamb recipe is all in my head - basically, roast a lamb joint or even shanks if you can get them without selling your first-born (still reeling with shock at how expensive sheep is over here) on a bed of tomato sauce (maybe a bought jar of the stuff or make your own), chickpeas, root veggies (parsnip and carrots going in my dish) and whatever else would taste good. Slow roast - I'm trying the slow cooker this time; oven roasting works too.

The sweet recipe can be found on p.18 of Spring's (issue 28) Edible Vancouver ... it involves pecans, chocolate and sea salt ...
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