Thursday, April 18, 2013

self portrait thursday: portrait of the artist as a SAHM

Searching for inspiration, or spotting some more housework?

Who knows?

On the one hand, it's nice not to have to commute to work.

On the other, it's nice to have some work to commute to.

While it's great to escape the house for a goodly chunk of the day, commuting in my locale is so bitty that it's impossible to tackle any projects en route, unlike my marathon 90 minute epic locomotions across London in days of yore (essential reading vanquished, papers edited, experiments designed).

Right now though, I'm looking forward to some work which will require me both to stay at home and get me out into my neighbourhood. Best of both commuting worlds IMO.

Stay tuned!

wardrobe notes: for once I'm wearing brand new togs - Laura Ashley dress, Reitmans ruffle cardi, M&S devore scarf; however, the three jackets hanging artistically behind me are all thrifted

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