Monday, April 15, 2013

midlife monday: storytelling

I could spin you a yarn or tell a tall tale or fabricate a fabrication to explain my MIA-ness, my absence from the interwebs in general or this blog in particular.

Yes I've posted minimally, using pictures as a crutch but not really spent much time on the usual introspective ramblings.

To be honest, the introspection was even too much for me. Hunting for ads , writing out applications and being ignored as a (pretty well qualified) job seeker is frankly demoralising. After an amazing few weeks as an intern at the Beedie School of Business, the return to unemployed SAHM was underwhelming.

And even with such a prestigious placement and the numerous writing clips generated for my portfolio, I still can't rustle up an interview.

Frankly it's been sucking big time as I contemplate a stay - at - home future looming ahead.

But life does indeed go on, and after a few weeks of being a misery to live with, I'm feeling a little more inspired.

What I don't want is to rush back into keeping busy to distract myself from what's (not) going on. On the other hand, I do need to occupy my time with anything other than housework to dilute out the tedium of applying for jobs.

Ever since I arrived in Canada I've been busy building my network, skills and community. As a SAHM I've looked on this as a way to supplement a non - salaried portfolio, to stay fresh for re-entry into the job market. What I have been seeing is that it takes a lot more to land an interview these days. Traditional enthusiasm and hard work stand for very little when applying to prospective employers it seems.

So maybe I need to rethink. Do I really want to keep hammering away hoping to convince an employer to really read my resume rather than look for qualifications a, b and c in that precise order? Or should I make my own way, building the kind of patchwork at home /from home career that my broadly- based skills equip me for?

Is that the real answer?
I'm starting to think yes.

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