Monday, December 10, 2012

midlife monday: notice me

My last midlife monday was a pic of this little miss, the tiger at my feet most evenings. And since then (mid-November, if you're counting) midlife monday has quietly whimpered to a halt.
No midlife crises to blog about?
I wish - but, in truth, it hasn't been that bad. Midlife itself has found a new level and I'm sort of comfortable with the status quo. One semester of college's relaunch-me is over (waiting for grades) and a new venture is visible on the horizon, waiting for me to launch headfirst into it.
One part of the journey is over - I know what I can do now.
The next stage, showing other people that I can do what I say I can, is just about to start.
It irks me that for this to happen I need yet one more academic qualification - I feel qualified up to the eyeballs. But these days, a bachelor's is the new high school graduation certificate; a PhD no longer signifies intelligence and the competence to achieve.
Today needs more.
It's a bewildering time to come out of unemployment, attempt relaunch and a mid-life career-change.
But, I'm still here; notice me.

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