Monday, December 24, 2012

dear Santa - ready when you are


Dear Santa
Merry Christmas!
I hope you and your elves, and Reindeer have a merry Christmas too. So, the stuff in the glass, tall cup is Bailys (whisky and cream). I'm sorry, but we couldn't find any cookies so we got some Hershy bars. And the carrots and water are for the Reindeer. You can bring the plate and the cup on the roof, to give the carrots and water to the Reindeer. But as long as you bring them back down again.
Merry Christmas!
Wee Guy
PS. The grey marks at the top right is there because the table that I was writing this note on was kind of sticky.

1. Oxford comma
2. Two carrots per Reindeer.
3. The plate is a special one
4. Not his real name
5. Mummy hasn't done any housework.
6. He's really worried about Santa this year.

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