Saturday, June 11, 2011

saturday shout-out: Horizons Restaurant in Burnaby

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At Horizons Restaurant on Burnaby Mountain for mr ebb's birthday last night. We had a wonderful time - attentive staff (thanks Peter!) and excellent food. We started with crab cake, salad and spring rolls, then moved on to Pacific Cioppino bowl for me and salmon for mr ebb. The Wee Guy lucked out completely with a specially prepared maple salmon, child-sized by the chef! He loved it :)

... and then the desserts! Oh my! Wee Guy's chocolate 'Mouse' cake didn't disappoint in the slightest, and the grown ups' tasting platter came complete with a lit birthday candle embedded in the incredibly rich chocolate pate slab (oh my, again).

We chose an early time slot, partially to take advantage of the seafood entree coupons and also in deference to those lucky couples who were out for a night for two sans child(ren). Ah date night ... a dim dusty memory around these parts.

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