Friday, June 10, 2011

friday forte: the "get it done" girl

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from being the 'get it done' girl around here. In my life I've (successfully) organised solo or been part of an event team, even though it's not in my list of qualifications. I am not an event planner, I just play one on tv :)

I've catered beach BBQ's for 50, run a college reunion weekend (including paintball with only one guest breaking an ankle), organised my own wedding, coordinated continuing ed for a local professional group ... as well as executed several house purchases, moves, relocations (including overseas, and with pets), and international travel with child, on the domestic front ... blah blah blah. In summary, I am a capable human being.

Maybe I'm just a little too capable?
Ladies (especially mums), have you ever run into this problem? In your role as super "get it done" gal, do you find that when you want to take a back seat, nothing gets done? No one takes over? Yes? Thought so. It's a peril of being capable - you do have to keep on at the 'getting it done' yourself. There are relatively few vacations and no emergency cover. And it extends into domestic life too, from household repairs to date nights to signing the cheque for the damn book order. Taking a break means that the life grinds to a halt even though the world keeps spinning. Sigh!

Which means, there is an even bigger pile waiting just for you. It also means that self care falls off the radar because in the short term, it's the only item on the 'get it done' list which doesn't impact anyone else. Of course, we all know what happens with that in the long term .....

Ladies - in the face of 'equal' partnerships, is it time to develop our incapability and incompetence powers, or just ask for help more often? More importantly, is there something you can do to help a neighbour take a break from being "get it done" gal, even if just for an hour or so? Not everyone has, ahem, help on tap.

PS: I'm a mere newbie at this 'getting it done' lark compared with the amazing Tammy who is running the fundraising for Melissa. Check out the website and see how you can help.

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