Sunday, March 01, 2009

ugly hairy purse - meet the world

NB: it's not the ugliest purse I have ever produced (that one will not see the light of day without severe modification) but it possibly the hairiest.
The body is constructed from machine knit swatches of alpaca which were then felted into shape. As a side note, do alpacas live in a rainy climate? If they do, how do they stop themselves from felting solid or are old alpacas recognised by their complete immobility?
The handles are also from the same felted swatches in roughly tubular form - somehow they've taken on the appearance of knotty tree branches (they should fit right in with the Etsy trend of faux bois then, ho ho ho!) and will need some steaming to straighten them out.
The front has been embroidered with red wool flowers and the reverse still shows some of the green yarn guidelines knitted into the swatch.
The purse is lined with a muted green polyester satin print and closes with a snap fastener.
I'm not sure what to do with it now. I think it's quite cute but since I'm closing my Dawanda shop at the end of the month I won't have a dedicated venue for all things fibrelicious unless I mix it in a bit!
Maybe I should start pushing my ecrater store as ebbandfibre?

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