Saturday, March 21, 2009

the cluttered chaos of zero personal time

no idea where anything is these daysI'm not that great with spring break. My desk has become a sort of dumping ground. I really hate the way that being short of personal time robs me of any sort of routine or plan or efficiency. When I have no idea how long an amusement might keep The Wee Guy occupied I find it very difficult to settle into any kind of project - I hate being torn away from something when I'm fully into the moment of it, indeed I have even been known to bite heads off at the slightest interruption.

What I should have done is pre-empted the time scarcity of Spring Break and organised a few projects to make the most of varying lengths of time. I have in fact had a whopping 2 hours each afternoon while clay class was in full swing, but since all I could do was sit internetting in Starbucks I must admit that I squandered the time somewhat. I did get some www searches sorted (my Renaissance Wax should arrive soon and I've found a number of piano books on ebay!) and sourced a cheaper supply of contact lenses, but otherwise my crafty fingers are twitching. I hate not being productive. For me, life is too short to be unproductive. I have a craft fair coming up, my sister arrives at easter and a new supply of fuzzy balls need to be strung. bead soup - forget me notIf I had been wise, I could have made some more wire beads in spare 10 minute slots or finished a few more rows of crochet on a ribbon scarf. I could have sorted a bead soup or strung them on wire for some new cuffs in 20 minutes and with a luxurious 30 minutes finished some trickier bits of shaping on a knit pattern.fine silver balls

.... but I didn't because at the back of my mind the tax deadline for online filing is looming and my desk is too messy to work at! Although i am a firm believer in a clean desk representing an empty mind i think the current state of chaos is taking it just too far.

..... must instill some order into the chaos and increase productivity!(wish me luck)

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