Monday, November 10, 2008


... or in translation, what am I doing these days?

Well, while my lil' sis was staying I finished setting these adorable glass cabs in sterling daisy mounts ........ but I'm not sure what they will end up being! They are definitely too heavy for earrings unless you have reinforced lobes.

I drew the flower outlines freehand then cut the sheet metal (yes, one petal is a little larger and the whole daisy looks very random) shapes out. The flowers were then domed slightly before soldering the bezels in place.

Polishing was tricky.
Setting the cabs was a dream.
Now what?

I also finished up another pair of cufflinks. These are a square version of the circular eccentrics I have for sale in my Big Cartel store.

They are just waiting for the sterling toggle bars which I'm hoping Canada Post won't send all the way back whence they came instead of notifying me they were waiting at the PO for me to collect!

Now that I've found I can complete the soldering on these at home I'll be making more with the stash of glass cabs I have in stock.

PS: am quite pleased with the way these turned out! (smug)

....... and I got blogged (thanks Rob and Andrea)!

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Bex said...

The pendants (or whatever!) and cufflinks look fantastic. Well done. nice to see them finished (well almost!)

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