Thursday, November 06, 2008

Respect treasury November 2008

The "Respect" treasury curated by the always eloquent cynmb and featuring some of the squeakiest wheels which etsy probably wishes would shut the f*** up - in fact at least two of the artists featured have been muted permanently from taking part in the forums, one of the artists was muted for a prolonged period and most of the others have 'flirted' with occasional reprimands from etsy high command (myself included).

For a purported 'community' of artists/creative types/ freethinkers i personally find the judicial system on etsy incredibly illogically repressive (and i've worked for/with some real dross in my life too).

All the artists featured here have at one time or another (or continue to do so) made critical (but mainly constructive) comments about etsy inc and the way it is run. In the early days the Ideas thread in the forum welcomed feedback from users about how the site was working and what improvements could be made. Nowadays it can feel like shouting into the wind. It is very easy to be frustrated as a user, even three years into 'life'.


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