Sunday, July 20, 2008

square with nautilus bud

I've just completed a run of metalworking, testing the limits of my trusty creme brulee torch and soldering capabilities.

While this piece isn't an incredibly technical example of what I can now accomplish at my home bench set up, I'm very pleased with it as I've had the idea in my head for some time now.

This copper pendant comes from a series I've called "Bud", inspired by the bud of wire mesh sprouting fromt he centre of the domed metal square. This particular one is a nautilus since it makes a spiral shape.

OK so the only metalworking comes from some drilling to create the holes for the wire and the hammering in a dapping block to smooth the dome. But I'm extraordinarily proud of my soldered copper hanging loop on the reverse and it looks pretty darn cool hanging from a cable steel necklace too!
copper bud

Three versions, copper Nautilus, copper bud and sterling pearl bud are for sale in my Etsy shop right now!

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