Tuesday, July 29, 2008

marine girl heads off for her cycle ride

Well, I did it!

I completed the Divas' Triathlon held in North Vancouver on Sunday, and in a time only a minute or so slower than my first attempt at it four years ago.

So I've only been training for it since May (started swimming again in mid April following viral labyrinthitis), my training comprised only two sessions a week and I had only been out once on my road bike - I'm amazed with myself!

My boys (DH and the wee guy) were out in force to support me, and feed me danish pastries at the finish. It pissed down with rain for almost the whole race.

The run was possibly the worst part of the race for me. My swim times are crap anyway but I managed to complete 740m in under 20 minutes (yay). The bike course is hilly but I captured my fastest time ever (in the rain and on a bike I hardly know - go figure). The cycling was completed in torrential rain so by the time I set out on the
run my feet weighted 10 times more than usual cos of the amount of rainwater in each shoe. So my 5k was a long 34 minutes - v slow.

But I enjoyed it all. I don't have time to train for anything more than a sprint tri but I do welcome the variety involved.

... and it's good to feel like I have the energy for it all!

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