Saturday, May 24, 2008

hear, hear!

swimming with daddy, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

OK - it's near the end of May and I thought it was time to bore you with a hearing update.

I'm still deaf in my right ear but am happy (?) to report that the tinnitus is so varied that I am never bored. My everyday life is accompanied by all manner of whistles, pings, metallic clicks and 'whoosh' noises in addition to the almost constant "post concert ringing in the ears" which at times is as soothing as a roaring torrent.

I fell out of bed a few mornings ago so my balance is still a bit off too.

Otherwise I am slowly getting used to it. I'm learning to turn my good ear to the conversation. I'm learning that I will miss conversation on my right. And I made my first, "Excuse me but I'm deaf!" statement to explain why I was not such a gibbering idiot for not following someone's chat. This last incident took place in the ladies communal shower at the swim pool and there is quite frankly a limit to which I will lean in to a conversation with a fellow naked bather!

I have however shaken off the post viral fatigue mostly and have rediscovered swimming. I swim 800m once a week, while the wee guy is in the excellent childcare, and am slowly getting fitter. One delightful discovery is that with my head under water both ears seem equally deaf. So once a week now I just dive into my zone and meditate and all is right in my world!

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