Wednesday, April 09, 2008

wire conundrum elegantly solved?

sounds a little like a crossword puzzle clue? .... but it's not!

yesterday at the warehouse i discovered that my supplier was out of the wire i need!! so i had to substitute. it isn't spooled and is an absolute nightmare to work with. for wire crochet you need a wire that will unspool easily, not run riot as soon as it is out of the bag!

so this is my solution - a Gaultier perfume bottle as my spindle. it's not very portable - i'll have to work on that one so i can get out and about as usual, but i have managed a few more earring designs. design-a-day d8

you can keep up with what i'm producing in my design-a-day challenge here

and when i need inspiration i just take a sniff! i must be the most exotci smelling crafter around.

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