Thursday, April 24, 2008

far from home

OK - this one had my a little teary-eyed this morning as I struggled to thread beads onto wire for some crochet projects.

Right now (and for the last seven years almost) I've been 8000km away from my family and where I grew up. Most of the time this is OK as we keep in touch by phone, email and letter.

... but sometimes I'm reminded that I can't just drop in on them.

... and this song (even though it's written for the singer's dog!) reminds me.

There is something quite extraordinarily special about my tiny home country, and it's getting more amazing each year I visit. There's a real buzz in the air, from a new level of self government, to a sense of national identity and pride which didn't exist while I was growing up. At school the undercurrent was that to be scottish meant you had to be ashamed of your culture and be prepared to laugh at it. Now people take pride in being a Scot, and still laugh but this time at the humour in life rather than the racial slurs. BTW, the best thing to come out of Scotland is not the A1 you bigotted english twit (and you know who you are!).

2009 is the year of homecoming for Scotland, when expats from all over the world are encouraged to go back home. Events are being planned to welcome back Scots from all over the world (and we are a widely emigrated race!) and I for one, plan on being a homecomer that year.

I miss my home and family.

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Bex said...

Hey big sis, we miss you too. Plotting my escape to your side of the pond this fall already!!

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