Thursday, July 07, 2011

self portrait thursday: multi-tasking

Today's SPT combines my semi-regular gratuitous pussy photo with "what am I wearing today". So, voila - SPT and The Daily Griz.
Life continues to be fragmented, courtesy of a looming deadline, time constraints and lots to fit in before next Friday. I'm kind of keeping it all together but I know some things are falling off the back end ... like keeping up with the precious few friends I have. Met the divinely energetic B and her dad for morning coffee today, have plans to email back to the utterly tenacious M tomorrow morning, and was very happy to run into ms momcafe TriCities, Julie, and finally put an IRL face to the avatar for @threesixtyfg.
Which is, in all, blessed with a lot of irony since last night I listened to Jen from Networking In Vancouver discuss strategies for keeping up with your network! I must be a fast learner :)

Wardrobe notes: linen capris and Rocket Dog shoes (thrift)
black top (vintage Dorothy Perkins), wrap top (alternative apparel)
Grizzy is wearing a genuine fur (home grown)
Note to self: lengthen torso with longer top then you won't look so dumpy
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