Monday, July 11, 2011

Midlife monday: random musings


Nothing much of note since I'm in a whirlwind of final prep for spending the entire summer abroad. Yes, you read that right. The Wee Guy and I are escaping for the summer and heading off on a Big Adventure which will include visiting the capital cities of five European countries. More on the itinerary later :)

So life is a little busy right now. Add in the end of the school year and whoosh, that was the noise of my new exercise regime flying out the window. Last week I managed a 4K run, and that was all. In my defence I should add that at the weekend I managed a none too shabby 63 minutes for my first 10K in ages. Go me! I've also managed to boost my swims to over 1000m per session so bring on those triathlons! Did I mention that mr ebb also managed to pick up a bike trainer thing from consignment too so I can peddle away in my garage? (Note: we live up a mountain - cycling round here is not on my bucket list).
Somehow, some way I'll add regular exercise back into my daily routine :)

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