Tuesday, October 19, 2010


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This morning's little adventure involved a short commute, a medium length wait outside a computer lab (in which my nerves ran amok), an even shorter period in front of a computer followed by elation, then relief.

This morning it was confirmed that yes, I do speak English. In fact I speak English well enough to be educated in English and can thus proceed with my college application. The fact that I have so far receive all my education in English is apparently not that important.

This is a great reassurance to me since I do not speak any other language (seeing as I took sciences back at High School in Scotland which is, by the way, officially a monolingual country, and apparently could not accommodate language skills with science in the school curriculum) and thus failing a test of English would have been quite a blow to my self esteem.

Failing an English language assessment at this stage in my life would indeed cause me to question how I have managed to gain a graduate degree, a PhD and all my High School exam certificates ..... all taught in the English language (which by now you will understand is the only language I speak) during my education in Great Britain (monolingual apart from bits of Wales, a few villages in Cornwall and the elevated or island-y parts of Scotland).

Without wishing to hammer the point home (but I will nonetheless), failing to speak the only language I've grown up speaking would ..... render me speechless ....

..... which is I'm sure what you are wishing on me now :)

PS: I got 120/120 for the reading comprehension so I understand wot is wrote too. Yay me :)

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