Saturday, January 09, 2010

weak and watery welcome

A very belated Happy New Year to all.
I've been busy with a guest over the festive season - we've been out and about (despite some very watery weather) doing 'lots of stuff', keeping me away from navel-gazing on the internet.
This morning I did manage to install a retweet button into my blog posts so here's hoping it doesn't wreck my template.
I also managed to upload the festive batch of photos to flickr - they're here in this set if you'd like to peek at a soggy lower mainland christmas!


Sleepy Moon Design said...

That photo is really pretty!

Was it raining where you are last night too! I was soaked because I lost my keys and had to look for them in the down poor lol

How do you install a RT butten?

msbelle said...

Love the set on Flickr!

Happy New Year to you! (belated)

I hope there's enough snow for the Olympics. I'm so looking forward to them. (saw a pic on Flickr regarding the snow for them)

Say hi to the wee guy from us!

pomomama said...

Thanks Zoe!
Yes, it was chucking it down here last night - there was so much water on the road that the falling rain was making a froth.

RT button - follow the link in the blog post to get the code and then try these links for some clues on how to install it.
i used the code for 'change the @username who is tweeted' and added it in the position given by the blogger in the first link (i didn't use his code as it just wouldn't format properly)

good luck (remember to expand to widgets and save your blog template before tinkering

Sleepy Moon Design said...

Thanks... I will try that.

Anonymous said...

I like that shot. It very much captures the feel of the weather here right now. Weak and watery, indeed.

pomomama said...

.. and happy new year to you and yours msbelle! i don't have any tickets booked yet but am hopefully going to check out the paralympics events.
yes, we need some snow

thanks amber - it's just wet wet wet round here, i shall be growing moss between the toes soon!

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