Tuesday, March 11, 2008

portable crafting for today

Yesterday I was very organised and set up a whole stash of portable crafting projects to 'take along' as needed. They're all laid out in my cutlery draw in tray!

This week is the first time in a long while that I've felt inspired to get creative. My few custom projects have been fun to work on, with someone else providing the creative impetus, but now I feel really capable of working on some of my own thoughts and 'flying'.

Today I got a couple of wire crochet cuffs done, and have finished an "Is It Spring Yet?" opera length necklace. I also completed a pearl purse charm which came to life while working on a custom collection of other charms. I'm in a much more positive mood about life despite the continued deafness/tinnitus which makes the day-to-day such a bind currently.

PS: I bought the new Amy Winehouse CD "Back to Black" - it's excellent though I think it must be even more stunning in stereo.

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Laura said...

Your picture makes me want to go and organize my bead table!

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